Dear Aqualetics friends,

You haven’t heard from us in a long time. We hope you are all well. The last few months and weeks haven’t been easy for any of us. Corona got tu us all. However, we see the last loosening of the Federal Council as a positive sign and hope that we can now give you answers that will be valid at least in the near future.

In the latest blog post by Sandrine, our founder, you can read about what has been happening behind the scenes and what her thoughts are about it. Here is a short summary of why the new offers are only going out today:

  • The renovation of the Birsfelden swimming pool means that we are dependent on other water ressources in our area.
  • We have already organised our water in other pools in winter, before Corona. Nevertheless, it is still difficult or unclear how much water ressources we will get this summer. Each pool currently distributes its swimming lanes in the first place to its own clubs and organisations. Which is the right way to do. As we are currently not able to swim in our home pool, we are therefore rather in the back rows of the other pools.
  • The changing regulations of the Federal Council, associations, cantons and municipalities mean that planning security was not available until recently and is still not 100%.

For these and other reasons we have waited with a communication. We believe that the flood of information by e-mail is currently incredibly high and we therefore want to communicate, if possible, only facts that have a certain durability.

Current information about the Aqualetics offer

Cancellation of course lessons due to Corona

All cancelled lessons in connection with the Corona Pandemic of the course cycle November 2019 to March 2020 will be credited by us. The credit note can be deducted when re-registering for a similar (e.g. higher course level) course at Aqualetics as soon as normal swimming operations can be resumed at the Birsfelden swimming pool.

Courses for children: All participants will receive a certificate of participation in the following week, in which the exercises that were practised during the course are shown. Since the course could not be completed, we are unfortunately unable to award any adhesive medals. We ask for your understanding.

New offer starting this Thursday

In the last few weeks we have made a great effort to put together a comprehensive summer offer. Due to the above mentioned points we unfortunately cannot offer our complete Aqualetics range during the summer months. At the moment it is especially difficult to offer larger swimming and aqua fitness courses due to the regulations. However, we are still working on all possibilities and will keep you informed on our website and on Facebook about changes in our offer.

Please note that all offers are subject to protection concepts which must be observed.

Available until the summer holidays from this Thursday

During the summer holidays

During the summer weeks

The Birsfelden swimming pool should be open again from mid-October. As soon as we know more, we will inform again.

Of course we are really looking forward to getting into the water with you again! The summer can finally come right now.

If you have any questions or remarks, you can contact us as usual.

We wish you all the best of health and a lot of fun in the water,

Your Aqualetics team